• Ragingatsuma

    First get 2 or more epic *purple lettering* equipment. Weapon or armor it does not matter. 

    Then after that Compound or combine them together.

    You have a slight chance at getting Raging Storm.

    You also have a chance to get other legendary equips also.

    To get the epic equips it should be by boss battles or the auction shop which will be pricey or you will have to make an epic weapon by combining the blue letter weapons or armor to get an epic one.

    Remember to make sure that the equipment you are compounding is the same lvl in other words both lvl 99 in order to get the sword or the other legendary equips.


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  • Ragingatsuma

    First off you need to have internet connection and be able to access Multiplayer inorder to do this.

    Next you have to have a computer also and download either iexplorer or ifunbox (classic version is best).

    Next install either one and open up the folder containing Destinia. There should be about 6 folders.

    In the Documents folder there should be a saves in there Save00 which is gunner, Save01 which is Warrior

    and Save 03 which is your thief.

    First before doing anything have the desired weapon that you wish to upgrade in your inventory along with scrolls or items to upgrade your weapon. 

    While still connected to ifunbox or iexplorer with the Destinia Document folder open. Copy your save data onto a folder or anywhere on your computer. Simplest wo…

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  • Miu Ousawa


    October 16, 2013 by Miu Ousawa

    I think she's amazing... and beautiful. When I started the game she become my favorite character. ^_^ Rebecca is creepy in my opinion. What do you think? Who's your favorite character?

    • I love Duke, too. :3
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